Unquiet Death of Eli Creekmore

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The Unquiet Death of Eli Creekmore

55 min. Video. Sale $395. Rental $75.
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* "Shows our inability as a society to delineate the bounds of
parental rights in relation to the rights of the child... Recommended." -
Choice * "This amazingly well-balanced pro- duction... is an
unforgettable por- trait of a small, blue-eyed youngster who never had a
chance within a family and a system that failed to protect him." - Booklist

This is a powerful documentary on a brutal child abuse case.

Through moving accounts by family members, teachers and doctors, we learn
how a three-year-old was repeatedly mistreated by his father. A brutal
beating when he refused to stop crying was the cause of his death.

Eli's plight had not gone unnoticed. Over the years, it had been reported
to Child Protective Services by his grandmother, his teacher, and the
doctor who had treated his other injuries. Although Eli was removed from
his family for a short period, he was returned because the mandate of the
agency was to keep families together whenever possible. This tragedy has
caused the state to re-examine its child-protective laws.

American Psychiatric Association, 1989
Red Ribbon, American Film and Video Festival, 1989 Western Psychological
Association, 1988

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