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gary, you are wondrous!


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>I'm really embarrassed answering this (found this info at
>This song, sung in "Violent is the Word for Curly", was called "Swingin'
>the Alphabet". It
>happens to be, officially, the first "music video", in that the sound track
>was recorded in a
>studio, and the actors would lipsync to the playback during filming. The
>words to the song,
>here spelled somewhat phonetically, are:
>B A Bay, B E Bee, B I Bicky By, B O Bo, Bicky By Bo B U Bu, Bicky By Bo Bu.
>Then it repeats for successive consonants,
>C A Say, C E See, C I Sicky Sy, C O So, Sicky Sy So C U Su Sicky Sy So Su
>and so on. The rule is that you put each consonant in the position of being
>joined with each
>At 09:41 AM 09/18/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>>Not a video question, but a patron is looking for the sheet music for a
>>particular song. I figured someone in this group could know the title. I
>>always thougt it was called "The Three Stooges Song." It's the song that
>>starts, well, the B letter is "B A Bay, B E Be, B I Bo Bicky," and so on for
>>the whole alphabet. On one album we have, it is called the Alphabet Song,
>>but that is such a generic title, does anyone know if there is another
>>title? Thanks in advance.
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