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I'm really embarrassed answering this (found this info at

This song, sung in "Violent is the Word for Curly", was called "Swingin'
the Alphabet". It
happens to be, officially, the first "music video", in that the sound track
was recorded in a
studio, and the actors would lipsync to the playback during filming. The
words to the song,
here spelled somewhat phonetically, are:

B A Bay, B E Bee, B I Bicky By, B O Bo, Bicky By Bo B U Bu, Bicky By Bo Bu.

Then it repeats for successive consonants,

C A Say, C E See, C I Sicky Sy, C O So, Sicky Sy So C U Su Sicky Sy So Su

and so on. The rule is that you put each consonant in the position of being
joined with each

At 09:41 AM 09/18/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Not a video question, but a patron is looking for the sheet music for a
>particular song. I figured someone in this group could know the title. I
>always thougt it was called "The Three Stooges Song." It's the song that
>starts, well, the B letter is "B A Bay, B E Be, B I Bo Bicky," and so on for
>the whole alphabet. On one album we have, it is called the Alphabet Song,
>but that is such a generic title, does anyone know if there is another
>title? Thanks in advance.
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