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Mark Richie (
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 12:08:34 -0700 (PDT)


Gary is right in one respect, this is a really weird time to be
discussing fine point of copyright law. On the other hand it is a
reminder that we are a nation of laws and civilization hasn't gone to
hell in a hat basket totally.

Under Title 17 US Copyright Code, news programs may be copied by
libraries off air and retained. The hitch is that the retention is only
for preservation, reference and academic research - not public
performance or general circulation.

Now the real question is: how likely is it that the network news
department is going to send a cease and desist letter if you are playing
reruns of the live coverage in a corner of the library for the benifit
of the public?

Not likely.

Keep the faith, remember 9-11, remember the families and the victims .
. . . .

Francis C Poole wrote:
> Dear Videolib...I'm sure a number of media centers taped live news
> footage of the terrorist attacks on the WTC last Tuesday. My question is,
> are those recordings of live news events of national significance OK to
> retain and add to a media collection or archive? I seem to recall from
> past discussions that it was permissible to record and keep live news
> events which were not edited or presented in a programmed documentary
> format such as 60 Minutes. Any video-gurus who can offer wisdom or
> clarification on this matter please reply. Thanks.
> Francis Poole, Librarian
> University of Delaware Library