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The one copy from the series "American Adventure", that we own is "Indian pottery of San Ildefonso" it is produced by the National Park Service and distributed by Finley-Holiday Film Corp. of Whittier, CA with a copyright date of 1972, distribution,1985?. Some titles from the series "Origins" may be of interest:
"The first Europeans" and "The first nations" from Journal Films. "Surviving Columbus: the story of the Pueblo people" and the series "500 Nations" from PBS. "Origins" from the series "In search of a dream" from ABC News and distributed by Films for the Humanities.


Barbara Voss wrote:

> Hi,
> Since I didn't get any "bites" on a vendor for "The American Adventure" series I'm assuming that this series probably isn't available...... Is there anything else available on this subject?

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