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According to the 1991 ed of the FILM AND VIDEO FINDER, IT DIDN'T HAVE TO
HAPPEN, 13 min, 1954. "Illustrates how the careless worker who scorns
safety devices on modern machinery endangers not only his own life but also
the lives of his fellow workers".

Produced by : Crawley Films, LTD Distributed by: International
Film Bureau
19 Fairmont Ave. 332 S. Michigan
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Chicago, IL


The toll free number doesn't work and I couldn't find a listing for the
IFB thru internet phone directories. My last communication from them was
sept '95. Probably defunct, but if you go or know anyone connected with the
National Film & Video Market which should be coming up in the next month or
so, they might know where IFB is or who's handling their titles.

Scorning safety devices and fellow workers must stop.

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I have a request from a patron who is trying to find a copy of this
industrial safety film, made sometime in the 50s or 60s.

There is another safety film on drinking and driving which has the same
title. That's not the one the customer wants. He's looking for the one
which depicts workshop accidents.

I have no information on producer or distributor, and I don't have any way
of looking this information up.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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