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Let me chime in here. We've been trying to secure Bruce Connor films on
video for several years. I talked with Canyon a few weeks ago and was told
that the VHS anthologies were not available any longer, and they never sold
these to educational institutions - home only. You can rent the 16mm
format, or buy. Usually the titles are available for sale on 16mm film,
but it goes to Bruce Connor who handles the production and availability.
Sorry this isn't better news. We too have a prof that wanted "A Movie"
placed on reserve and is making do with a group showing of the 16mm film.
Best, Jane

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>For anyone who might be interested in the Bruce Conner collections I asked
>about a week or two ago, someone on the list suggested I visit the
>Film Archives' website. When I did so, I tried some of the links there
>happened upon the Canyon Cinema link. It turns out that Canyon *does*
>sell both 16 mm and VHS versions of Bruce Conner's works (individual
>as well as collections).
>If this is of interest to you, here are the relevant URLs:
>Many thanks to everyone who wrote in about this.
>Susan at Wabash College
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