DVD Security, Etc.

Marti Morec (mam3@ci.berkeley.ca.us)
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:40:31 -0700 (PDT)

Berkeley Public Library is expanding the media collection to include DVD's (when our renovated building opens in the hopefully not-too-distant future). We are trying to figure out the best way of handling security. Currently we use Gressco lock boxes for videos and CD's, and will probably use these for DVD's as well. So now, I'm turning to all your expertise for some suggestions.

We're wondering just what would happen if we did away with lock boxes? Has anyone had experience with just magnetic strips or those new 3-M donuts? How much staff time does it take to apply these? Are there ergonomic concerns?

Or, is there anyone out there just going without security? Any ideas on loss rate? Does replacement cost equal staff time in putting in security and staff time in boxing and re-boxing in the Gressco cases?

Does anyone have experience with changing from a lock box security to just magnetic strips? Any estimates on time and procedure for re-processing?

Thanks in advance for advice on any or all of these mind boggling questions.

Marti Morec
Berkeley Public Library