long shot: PAL to DV dubbing problem

Claire Dougherty (m-dougherty@northwestern.edu)
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 14:19:29 -0700 (PDT)


sorry for being slightly off topic; I am having difficulty tracking
down a logical explanation for this problem.

We are attempting to dub a 1/2" PAL tape from our multistandard deck
(converts PAL signal to NTSC) to miniDV. We can successfully dub to
the Sony (GV-D900) miniDV deck from all NTSC sources except the
multistandard deck (Panasonic AG-W3), and we can successfully dub to
a higher end Panasonic DV deck (Panasonic AG-DV2000) from the
multistandard. It's just the multistandard-miniDV combo that gives
us trouble.

The symptom is that video will record fine, but I can only record a
single channel of audio. Anyone know why this would be the case?

On a side note, I have yet to find a good source which clearly
describes the major differences between the various DV standards,
particularly without descending quickly into heavily technical
language. Any pointers on that would also be appreciated.

M. Claire Dougherty
Head, Digital Media Services
Northwestern University Library
(847) 467-1437