searching for videos
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 13:01:52 -0700 (PDT)

Filmakers Library has an extensive collection for middle eastern studies that
you might look at on our website,

Quite an interesting release from last year is "Iranian Journey", a portrait
of a remarkable woman who is the first female bus driver in the Muslim world.
The film follows her 20-hour journey from Tehran to the port city of Bandar
Abbas on the Gulf coast. Along the way one gets glimpse of everday Iranian
life, as she passes through deserts, ancient towns, mountainous countryside,
and the holy city of Qom. 60 min. Sale $350.

"Women in the Arab World" is a 3-part series filmed in Egypt, Jordan and
Morocco, showing highly educated, successful women who have attained
emancipation. 25 min. each. Sale $225 each. Series $595.

Our new catalogue, which will be mailed in mid September, includes a video,
"Palestinian Writers," This profiles two important contemporary women
writers, Sahar Khalifah and Lian Badr. Ms. Khalifah is a very outspoken
feminist (a surprise in the Muslim world). Taken together they a unique look
into the world of educated Palestinian women. 50 min. Sale $295.

Hope this is helpful!

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