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Hi Barbara,

I've listed below a number of titles on Arab culture available from Facets
Video that might be useful to you. We have many more titles listed at our
website located at ( Simply type 'Arab' or 'Arab culture'
into the video search for complete listings, descriptions and prices.

"Benaat Chicago: Growing Up Arab & Female in Chicago"

The result of a year-long collaboration between the filmmakers and
Arab-American teenagers, this video addresses stereotypes and racism aimed
at Arabs and Arab women on Chicago's southwest side.

Item# Price Qty To Order
VHS: S50905 $49.00

Jennifer Bing-Canar/Mary Zerkel USA 1996 30
"Bye Bye"

Reminiscent of Kids, Salaam Bombay and Pixote, this realistic slice of urban
teen life in modern-day France is a serious yet sensitive tale of two young
French-Arab brothers dealing with the clash of cultures and generations in
Marseilles. After a family tragedy, Ismael and Mouloud leave Paris and end
up on the doorstep of their uncle and family. Once there, the two brothers
are pulled apart as one is seduced by the streets and its life of drugs and
crime, while the other desperately seeks to rescue him without falling to
its temptations. French with English subtitles.

Item# Price Qty To Order
VHS: S31670 $19.98

Karim Dridi France 1996 107 mins.

"Canticle of the Stones"

Documentary footage of Palestinian victims of Israeli oppression is blended
with a narrative love story in this second feature from the director of
Wedding in Galilee. Two middle-aged former lovers reunite when the woman
returns from America and the man is released after years as a political
prisoner. "Canticle's urgent mixture of permanence and transience, of the
personal and the political, of history and desire, makes it an exemplary
work of Arab cinema" (Steve Shapiro, Reflex). In Arabic with English subtitles.

Item# Price Qty To Order
VHS: S50853 $29.99

Michel Khleifi Palestine 1990 110 mins.

"Dreams of Hind and Camilia"

Two women attempt to break free from the brutality and hopelessness of their
impoverished lives in Cairo. The women, housemaids abused by their employers
and male family members, decide to make new lives for themselves, starting
"a friendship which invents a whole new relationship, a whole new family
together, just the two of them...a sisterhood unusual in Arab cinema"
(Lizbeth Malkmus and Roy Armes, Arab & African Film Making). In Arabic with
English subtitles.

Item# Price Qty To Order
VHS: S50801 Includes public performance rights. $300.00

VHS: S51540 Home video. $24.99

Mohamed Khan Egypt 1989 110 mins.

"Great Sadness of Zohara"

Nina Menkes combines sound, image and fragments of poetry in this moving
film about the journey of a young Jewish woman who is drawn to explore the
world of the spirit. Her journey takes her to remote and increasingly
desolate regions of the Arab lands--alienating her from the orthodox Jewish
community in Israel. This mystical quest culminates in her return to Israel
where, indelibly marked, she confronts her loneliness and a devastating
sense of exile.

Item# Price Qty To Order
VHS: S07374 $29.95

Nina Menkes USA 1983 40 mins.

"Introduction to the End of an Argument"

Combining Hollywood, European and Israeli film with documentary footage and
news coverage, this work critiques representations of Arab culture, the
Middle East and the Palestinian people. Mimicry serves as a sly entry point
for this audio-visual deconstruction of stereotypes.

VHS: S21037 $59.95

Jayce Salloum/Elia Suleiman USA 1990 45 mins.

"Mahmoud Darwich: As the Land Is the Language"

Arab poet Mahmoud Darwich has achieved a popularity in the Middle East that
any Western poet would envy. Packed crowds mouth the verse along with him
when he recites his work in Cairo, Beirut or Algiers (or even Paris and
London for that matter). This film follows Darwich as he traces the path of
his exile from Israel and examines the fervor his words inspire in his
admirers. In Arabic and French with English subtitles.

VHS: S50902 Public performance rights included. $375.00

Simone Bitton Palestine 1997 60 mins

"Multicultural Peoples of North America Series: Arab Americans"

These videos celebrate the heritage of 15 diverse cultural groups of North
America, blending folklore, customs, traditions and family dynamics to
illustrate immigration history. "[A] noteworthy series especially valuable
as a North American resource" (Booklist). 30 minutes.
Arab Americans.

VHS: S20361 $39.95


A teenage girl wants to be a doctor so she enrolls in a good boarding school
as the first step toward this career goal. It would be a simple decision,
except that this girl is an Arab from a small town in Israel and the school
she chooses is Jewish. Resistance and prejudice strike her from all sides,
but she perseveres. B&W, Hebrew with English subtitles.

VHS: S26997 $59.95

Amnon Rubinstein Israel 1987 90 mins

"The Tornado"

This controversial film was banned in Lebanon and many other Arab nations
because of its harrowing depiction of the casualties of Lebanon's civil war
and the highly charged nature of its religious symbolism. The story follows
a young art student who returns home and slowly becomes an active
participant in the violence around him. "A phantasm of violence, absurdity
and death" (L'Orient du Jour). In Arabic with English subtitles.

VHS: S50851 Public performance rights included. $300.00

Samir Habchi Lebanon 1992 90 mins

If you have any questions regarding this message or would like any
additional information please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
Thank you.


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At 07:28 AM 8/27/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I am trying to locate recent videos on the following two subjects - - can
anyone help?
> 1) Arab culture - - could be a documentary or a feature film, any
> video that illustrates modern Arab life.
> We already own the Bill Moyers series on The Arab World and
> also Leila, directed by D. Mehrjui.
> 2) For a CPR/First Aid course - - we have an instructor who is
> for a video that would visually "put her students into an
> room or traffic accident" within the CPR context. We already own
> some CPR videos, but nothing with this particular perspective.
>Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
>Barbara Koeller
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