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Tue, 21 Aug 2001 09:43:10 -0700 (PDT)

It is disappointing, isn't it, to learn how extremely fragile this medium
is? We have had many screenings spoiled by a small scratch or a piece of
dust on the disc. Our "solution" has been to clean the surface of the disc
before using it, but we have just purchased a cleaner/polisher called the
"SpinDoctor" for around $50. Haven't received it yet, so don't know how
effective it will be.
Our circulation policy at Middlebury for av materials is: one week loan to
faculty, media center use of reserved items by students and staff.
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> Subject: DVD--circulation and preservation
> Greetings,
> I am in the process of writing a strategic plan for media services and
> would like to revisit our policies regarding DVDs. For those of you who
> are acquiring DVDs, I would appreciate feedback on how you circulate (or
> not) and how you are dealing with the preservation of this format.
> I started acquiring DVDs over one year ago. The collection now holds
> approximately 750 titles in this format. The DVDs circulate for one week
> to faculty, officers of administration, and officers of the libraries.
> Feature films in VHS format circulate to students, faculty and staff. As
> expected, DVDs are the preferred format for screenings and viewing.
> Unfortunately, I have discovered how fragile this format can be. With a
> buildup of dirt and oil
> or a small scratch, they are unplayable. I am currently investigating
> cleaner/polisher systems. On the low end, I have tried Vintech's Dr.
> Clean with some success. On the high (and pricey) end, I have received
> literature regarding DiscChek's CD/DVD cleaners. Hopefully, there is
> something in between.
> For those collecting DVDs, I am interested to know about your
> circulation
> policy and what measures you are taking to preserve the collection.
> nancy friedland
> Nancy Friedland