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Carol Dunn (
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 16:32:35 -0700 (PDT)

Totally OFF topic! Has anyone read the book THE ROVER
by Mel Odom? I just finished it. It's about a halfling
librarian who gets shanghaied and ends up having some great
adventures. Try it! :-)
It's not everyday a Librarian ends up in a book and basically
saves the world......
Carol Dunn
>From Booklist
*Starred Review* Grandmaster Frollo thinks timid little halfling Edgewick
(Wick) Lamplighter, third level librarian in the remote and secret Vault of
All Known Knowledge, spends far too much time reading trivial legends that
spur the imagination at the expense of logical thinking. Sent by the
grandmaster to the harbor to deliver a package, Wick tangles with the
dreaded Boneblights and, running for his life, accidentally manages to kill
some. Thinking he is a brave fighter, dwarfs shanghai him to their pirate
ship, where his lack of prowess comes to light, and he is condemned to
washing dishes for the harsh cook. His book knowledge earns him respect,
though, when he saves the ship from a heartless, fiery Embyr, one of nine
created near the end of the long-ago Cataclysm by the evil Lord Kharrion to
wreak revenge. After that, Wick is enslaved by vicious goblinkin, rescued
and adopted by thieves, pursued by assassins through the Forest of Fangs and
Shadows, attacked by Shengharck, King of the Dragons--and more. Pushing the
conventions of fantasy to the max, Odom serves up a rip-roaring, pell-mell,
often laugh-out-loud romp. Throughout, though Wick's companions readily
wield swords and other weapons against their enemies, it is Wick's vast
knowledge of aged lore that saves the day. A surefire page-turner, and the
characterizations are simply delicious. Sally Estes
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