RE: Pearl Harbor companion film
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 08:34:13 -0700 (PDT)

Here's more suggestions for a documentary companion piece:

Filmakers Library distributes a 58 min. documentary "To Serve My Country, To
Serve My Race" on the little known story of African-American women in the
armed forces during World War II . It took pressure from Eleanor Roosevelt,
the NAACP, and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. to convince the War Department to
admit African-American women into the service. Rental $75. Purchase $350.
Previews available.

Another suggestion : two films Filmakers Library distributes on the rape of
Nanking by the Japanese--although more on the evils of the Japanese military
might be too heavy! --but I'll mention them anyway. "In the Name of the
Emperor"(52 min) by Chrisitian Choy and a newly released film "Nanking
Nighmares." (49 min). Both films have archival footage of the Japanese
occupation that is quite strong. Each rents for $75 and sells for $295.

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