Is Laurent Cantet's Human Resources a Blockbuster exclusive?
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 11:35:53 -0700 (PDT)

A professor here at AU requested Laurent Cantet's Human Resources
(Ressources Humaines) and I was unable to locate it at Videoflicks, Facets,
Movies Unlimited, or OCLC (actually OCLC had a couple PAL copies in French
libraries sold by French distributors). IMDB doesn't indicate that it is
available in any formats in their markets (US, UK, and Germany). The
professor then sent me a link to the Blockbuster website indicating they
had it available for rent. I managed to find a "previously viewed" copy at
a nearby store and bought it.

I'm generally steer clear of Blockbuster stores so I was not aware that
they have exclusives. Also since they do not sell new tapes, there appears
to be no way to buy this kind of tape new. For the record, the box and the
cassette list Arte, Third Row Center Films, Shooting Gallery, Blockbuster,
Mastercard, and Loews Cineplex but no apparent distributor.

This isn't an obscure film. Amy Taubin, Stephen Holden, and many other
critics had it on their ten-best-of-2000 lists.

Anybody out there have experiences with other Blockbuster-only titles or
know anything else about this situation?

Christopher Lewis
American University Library
Media Librarian

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