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While there are many lists of recommended films and best films, there is
no list of core titles for academic libraries. About 8 years ago, Jim
Self (University of Virginia) and I compiled a list that was designed to
be a core list of films available on video to support film studies. We
worked with published syllabi from film studies courses in colleges and
universities; there are actually two books that include dozens of such
syllabi, covering both international and U.S. cinema. The idea was to
create a list that reflected what faculty actually teach, not the titles
that critics and film buffs believe to be important/interesting/good. The
final list included all of the titles you would think would be there, plus
many surprises. We never published this list, but I've sent copies to
people from time to time.

I'm sending this reply to the list because I still academic media
librarians need such a list. Maybe an untenured, energetic media/film
studies librarian would be interested in taking on the assignment. BTW,
one of the big problems is the regularity with which titles go out of
print on video -- then back in print on a new format, like DVD. Jim and I
solved the problem, by putting a film on the list if it was ever released
on video, thinking that it might come back in print in the future.
However, that still excluded lots of great films that have never been
released. -- Kris

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> I am a Reference technical assistant working with the Librarian responsible
> for developing our University's Library video collection. We are trying to
> find out if any academic library, in particular, has developed a core list
> of films an academic library should have. We are looking for a list of
> classic American and foreign films on video. Library literature and several
> Internet searches have produced no results. This is why I am posting this
> message. Any suggestions or lists would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you, in advance
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