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This item (originally entitled Subject: Bridget Jones Travel Bursary) is
from the listserv H-Caribbean. It is, I admit, a little off-topic, but
since it includes a reference to a media librarian (this year's award
winner) whom some of you may know (and if she's on this list, then let's
all praise her accomplishment!). The rest of the information about the
bursary is not really about media librarianship, but, who knows? Maybe you
know someone who can use the information! Gary, please feel free to trim
and shorten the message as you see fit.
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>Subject: Bridget Jones Travel Bursary

> Subject: Bridget Jones Travel Bursary
> Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 16:09:39 +0100
> From: "Sandra.Courtman" <Sandra.Courtman@BTINTERNET.COM>
>The Society pays tribute to the late Dr Bridget Jones who died of cancer on
>April 4, 2000. As a long-standing member of the Caribbean research
>community and a valued member and friend of the Society, Bridget will be
greatly missed.

>This year's winner was very well received at the Nottingham conference:
>Elizabeth Watson, media librarian of UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados, presented a
>paper entitled 'Documenting the Voice of a People: Issues and Challenges
in Researching Barbadian Calypso'.

We look forward to receiving
applications for next year's conference which will take place in the first
week of July, at a UK venue - details to be confirmed later.
>For the 2002 conference, we are able to continue the travel bursary of maximum
>500, plus full conference fees, to enable an arts practitioner/researcher
>any region of the Caribbean to present their work at the Society's annual
>conference. We believe that Bridget would have approved of our scheme to
>facilitate greater participation in our conference by people from the
>In keeping with Bridget's broad-ranging interests we are encouraging visual
>artists, performers and creative writers to submit proposals in addition
>to the
>more usual scholarly research papers.
>If you are an arts practitioner or researcher (postgraduate, postdoctoral or
>professional) working in any region of the anglophone, hispanic,
>francophone or
>Dutch speaking Caribbean, you may apply for the Bursary. The successful
>recipient will receive 500 towards travel expenses and, in addition, a full
>bursary to cover conference fees and accommodation.
>To apply for the bursary you must submit either:
>(a) A one page abstract of a research paper which you intend to present to the
>Society's conference on any subject related to cultural production or the
>(b) A proposal for a presentation of your work, in the areas of film,
>visual or
>performing arts.
>(c) A proposal of a reading of original creative work.
>You should apply in writing, including a biographical statement and statements
>from two referees who are able to comment on your work. Send the
>abstract/proposal and accompanying written matter to the Chair of the
>Society by
>post or e-mail. Applications must be received by January 15th 2002. A decision
>will be made by the committee in late January 2002
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