Old San Antonio movies?

Susan Shaw (sshaw@sanantonio.gov)
Fri, 20 Jul 2001 13:28:27 -0700 (PDT)

Hi! I have a list of films shot on location here in San Antonio and some
are going to be hard to find. In particular, I'd like to track down the
following, both copies and rights:

1. any of a batch of silent potboilers made by Gaston Melies
(George's less-inspired brother) made in 1910 & 1911: The Padre's Secret,
In the Mission Shadows, Sir Percy and the Punchers, Bad Night at the Bridge,
An Unwilling Cowboy. I've read that there are no surviving prints of The
Immortal Alamo (1911), and don't really expect to find any of the others,
but I gotta ask.

2. any of three Spencer Williams 1940's all-black cast films: Dirty
Gertie from Harlem USA (1946), The Girl in Room 20 (1946), Juke Joint(1947).

Fervid thanks for any help you can extend,

Susan Shaw
San Antonio Public Library