"The Caterpillar and the Wild Animals"??

Trent Nicholas (Tnicholas@vmfa.state.va.us)
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 10:41:04 -0700 (PDT)

To add to the requests for "hard-to-finds" today, can anyone spot a fine
animated short from 1963 entitled THE CATERPILLAR AND THE WILD ANIMALS, an
adaptation of an African (Maasai) folk tale made by Gerard Baldwin in USA,
narrated by Greg Morris (of Mission: Impossible). Last knowledge of it
locates it on 16mm and distributed by American Educational Films who may no
longer exist. I have checked several of the normal distribs. and archives
with no luck but am hoping.
Thank you so much for any assistance.

Trent Nicholas
Statewide Media Resource Coordinator
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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This 1965 documentary used to be distributed by Harold Mayer
OCLC records indicate that California Poytech State U has a video
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> Hi! I am trying to track down for a friend the name of the
distributor for
> a
> documentary made in the 1960's called INHERITANCE. They don't know
> about
> it except it was
> American and had good footage of labor problems (strikes etc) in
the 30's.
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