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Kevin: With the exception of Video Librarian, the titles listed below are
not review sources. They are strictly for finding distributors and list
prices for videos. But Randy reviews so many titles, it's the best place
to find prices and distributors for current releases. The print volumes
go out of date so quickly. You need to consider different tools for home
video and for educational titles to some extent. The sources below list
both, but it's much easier to find out if a home video is available. If
it's a feature film, I always check first. Educational video
is trickier. You need to find the exclusive or semi-exclusive distributor.
Sometimes librarians refer to "the usual suspects" on Videolib in
describing where we have looked for distributor information. By "the
usual suspects" we mean:

Bowker's Complete Video Directory
Video Source Book
Although these first two should overlap completely, they don't. You need
OCLC WorldCat (actually the most complete source)
Video Librarian index of past reviews

Basically, if you can't find it there, it probably isn't available.
WorldCat is the true secret weapon, because it carries the history -- who
used to distribute it, who distributed it most recently, home video vs.
public performance versions, and which libraries own it. I often go
directly to the library and ask where they bought it.

Then if all else fails, I use this listserv. Sometimes a title is just
being released on video or another librarian has made an exhaustive search
for an out-of-print title. There's no other good way to find out that
kind of information except here. -- Kris

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Kevin Furniss wrote:

> Hello again, everyone,
> Given my previous enquiry I'd like to ask what are the basic tools we
> should have for acquiring videos. We're a liberal arts college of about
> 2000 students, and we have a film studies dept.
> Any assistance greatly appreciated.
> Best,
> Kevin
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