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<< Hello again, everyone,
Given my previous enquiry I'd like to ask what are the basic tools we
should have for acquiring videos. We're a liberal arts college of about
2000 students, and we have a film studies dept.
Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Kevin >>

I would suggest:
Randy Pitman's "Video Librarian" magazine
Subscribe also to the listserv videonews since there's special offers from
the distributors and new release announcements
"Library Journal"
"Video Store" and "Video Business" magazine (free subscriptions)
Variety magazine (probably the most balanced film reviews of the bunch). You
can also do a search on <A HREF=""></A> to find any past reviews from
Variety and a number of other sources.
Weekly mags with strong film reviewers including Village Voice, Chicago
Reader, Time Out New York, the New York Times on Sunday, and the LA Reader.
Leonard Maltin's guide
and getting on as many distributor's mailing lists as possible to get their
brochures including ours, Kino's, New Yorker, Zeitgeist, Winstar, Image
Entertainment (for DVD), Criterion, Women Make Movies, Third World Newsreel,
Frameline, California Newsreel, Home Vision, Direct Cinema, Bullfrog and
everybody else's. Gary's website has them all and their contact info.
Also, of course, the monthly mags from Baker & Taylor, Facets and Ingram.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to read some film history books including
anything from Kevin Brownlow
"Flashback: A Brief History of Film" by Louis Giannetti and Scott Eyman
"Videohound's World Cinema" by Elliot Wilhelm (one of my absolute favorites)
and other general histories by David Cook, David Bordwell, and others

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