Re: Use of polypropylene video cases

Patti McVay Gorrell (
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 04:20:55 -0700 (PDT)

Good morning!

I've attended several video preservation sessions and it is strongly
suggested that you never store videos in the original cardboard
sleeves or send them in any of those 'filler' padded envelopes. It
seems that paper-like fragments can interfere with/scratch the film
over time.

We cut the original 'sleeve' apart and tape it to the polypropylene
case with high quality packing tape for storage on our shelves and
only send them out in bubble bags.

Thanks, Patti

> On this Friday the 13th afternoon, I need to tap your collective
>knowledge regarding the use of non-acidic video cases for both cassettes
>and DVD? Our preservationist suggested we change to polypropylene cases.
>Does anyone have any information or experience with this?
>I've not found anything to support changing cases, nor did we receive any
>comments when this question was posted on the archivist database. Will
>polypropylene cases really extend the life of a video ! ?
>TIA, Jane
>Jane Agee,
>Duke University Library
>Durham, NC 27708

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