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A T-30 VHS tape in a Plastic Reel Corp box weighs 9.5 ounces

A T-120 VHS tape in a PRC box weighs 11 ounces

An 800 foot 16 mm film in a plastic can and reel weighs
2 lbs, 9 ounces (41 oz)

Video boxes are 1.25 inches wide so you can fit 28 video boxes on a 36
inch shelf.

28 t-30s would weigh 16.625 pounds or about .0513 of a pound per square

28 T120 (feature video) would weigh 19.25 pounds or about .059 of a
pound per square inch

A 36 inch shelf of 16 mm films stored on edge would hold about 30 films
leaving space for seperators between reels. The total weight per shelf
for 800' 16mm films would be 78.87 pounds or about .24 of a pound per
square inch. The weight of the seperator is not taken into account

If video tapes are stored on their short edge (book orientation) you
can get 9 shelves into a conventional stack section.

If the video is stored on its long side and a label attached to the
short side of the box you can get an extra shelf in for every 36 inch
stack section.

Above weights do not take into account the weight of labels and
stickers which may add up to a half ounce to each unit.

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Stephanie Frontz wrote:
> Can anyone give me an approximate figure for what a typical library shelf (36") of plastic cased videos weighs (lb/sq. ft.)? Also, what the lb/sq. ft. is for 16 mil. film??? Thanks for your help!
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