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<< Carol,

We discarded our collection of 16mm films a couple of months ago. The person
who acquired them is A. I. Meeks in Martin, TN. His email address is You might want to check with him about your collection.

Good luck,

Gail B. Fedak >>

I'm always a little uncomfortable with libraries doing this since it can
conflict with many of the libraries deals with the distributors. Most of our
deals -- I suspect as with other distributors -- are leases and not outright
sales. AND there are many disreputable buyers and "archives" dealing with
libraries (I don't know A.I. Meeks and he or she may be very reputable for
all I know) who will turn these prints around and sell them on Ebay.

I would suggest in most cases that the contracts and licenses be checked
first -- and for those involved, ask the distributors if they would like
their prints back or buy them back. Either way, this can be a mitzvah to the
next person looking for a 16mm print. I would then suggest that the orphans
be offered to other local schools, libraries or colleges in the area and to
all at Videolib. I do know that the lovely people at Donnell Media Center in
NYC hardly ever refuse a good 16mm.

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