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<< Does anyone know of a U.S. distributor for Marcel Ophuls' 1976 film,
"Memory of Justice". 16mm, 35mm or video is OK. I can't find any.

As always, thanks in advance for any help. >>

Dear Dan,

That's a fairly easy one compared to some of the other Marcel Ophuls films
(we've been trying to track down some of the others for Marcel for months!).
For 16mm, try Swank. For 35mm, you might want to try to talk to Paramount
(good luck!). I believe the person there is Diana McKinney and her number is
(323) 956-4509.

I looked in a fax from him from some months back and he wrote about The
Memory of Justice: "Possibly the best work I've ever done, but also the most
deeply buried in oblivion as the result of intricate, exhausting court
battles with the original producers." (Marcel sued after they fired him and
tried to create a shorter version. He won.) Call me directly if you still
have problems, as I do have a phone number for Paramount's Television Legal

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