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Hi Suzanne,

Buffalo & Erie already gets Video Librarian so maybe you've already seen
this, but we started a page last issue called "Japanese Anime on DVD" that
will run intermittently with reviews of Central Park Media, Pioneer, and
A.D.V. titles (the chief suppliers of anime). The big, big news for anime
fans right now is the upcoming release of the digitally remastered "Akira"
from Pioneer. There's a good site called
( with a lot of reviews; unfortunately, they
are too generous by half (which is the problem with a lot of genre reviews
written by die hard fans :)



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> Greetings!
> I thought I'd pick the collective brain on review sources for anime. I
> haven't hit the print sources yet but a quick Google search revealed a lot
> of online fan review sites. Can any one recommend either a quality fan
> source (print or online) or a respected print source for this genre? I'd
> like to purchase some titles for our collection but obviously I want
> material.
> Thanks!!
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