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Dear Suzanne:

Three of the best known Anime companies are Central Park
Media(, Media Blasters( and
Urban Vision Entertainment( well as Software
Sculptors and U.S. Manga Corps. who are distributed by Central Park Media.
Animation World Network( is a clearinghouse for information
about Anime and animation in general. There is also a print magazine called
Animation World. A lot of the Anime is rather risqué but there are some
more tame titles available. I am privy to this info. because we author DVDs
for some of these companies.

Afua (aka Marlene Graham)
Advanced Media Concepts

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I thought I'd pick the collective brain on review sources for anime. I
haven't hit the print sources yet but a quick Google search revealed a lot
of online fan review sites. Can any one recommend either a quality fan
source (print or online) or a respected print source for this genre? I'd
like to purchase some titles for our collection but obviously I want quality


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