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Thank you all for your help. And, yes, in addition to all the "legitimate" 3M Post-It Notes titles I will be ordering "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" since Debra Jo jogged my memory regarding some of the videos an instructor will use just to get his/her point across. A year ago one of our construction tech. professors requested "Donald in MathmagicLand" because he said it was an excellent tool for explaining the kind of math a construction tech student would utilize.

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>>> 06/19/01 10:05AM >>>
Steve Guy wrote:
> Oddly enought the story of the invention of the post-it is a major part of
> the plotline in ROMY AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. I doubt it's useful
> for a business class but it's pretty funny!

Steve, you would be amazed at how useful some of these non-business films
can be in classes. About 10 years ago, we have one instructor here at
Ryerson who used "12 angry men" to show group interaction and people can
end up making a decision that maybe they do not agree with. Another
instructor used "12 O'clock high" to demonstrate team building. Both of
these instructors were in what used to be called our secretarial or
administrative assistant program.

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