Re: Libray orientation in spanish

Jan Derks, Collection Development (
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 11:03:33 -0700 (PDT)

Great news! Thanks! ~ Jan Derks wrote:

> Hi--
> Once upon a time someone on the list asked about Spanish language videos
> for kids on how to use the library. At the time I remembered hearing of
> one but could not find any hard information on it. Today I fell over the
> info. New Dimension Media (800/288-4456) produces a Spanish language
> version of "Welcome to Your Library" . We own the English version, which
> is for young elementary kids on general library use; not thrilling, but
> useful. I also think Media Inc., the people who did "Be Book Buddy"
> with the infamous "Charlie Chapters" (a talking book), did a Spanish
> version of that. I thought I saw that someone had picked old Charlie up
> and was distributing him, but that piece of memory has not come back into
> focus yet. I hope this very late reply will help whoever was looking for
> the materials.
> B. Rhodes
> Audiovisual Consultant
> Northeast Texas Library System
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