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"Betty Blue" (one of my favorite '80s films) is playing tomorrow night at
the Seattle International Film Festival in a "director's cut", which might
mean that a VHS/DVD release could be forthcoming (or might not, as these
things go :). But it's possible, especially since Anchor Bay Entertainment
just released the DVD of Beineix's "Diva."


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> Hi, this is my first time sending a question and hope someone out there
has the
> answer!
> One of our Women's Studies instructors would like to purchase the above
> "Betty Blue with Beatrice Dalle" (directed by Jean Jacques Beineix). She
is also
> looking for shows like Queen for a Day and 1950's hygiene films: "Shy
> Narcotics: Pit of Despair"; "Live and Learn", "Molly Grows Up" and
"Dating Do's
> and Dont's".
> This is a great way to share information. Thank you.
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