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Hi Gina,

"Betty Blue" is currently out of print and I couldn't find a listing for
some of the other titles but we do have "Dating Do's and Dont's" on a couple
of compilation titles, which I've listed below. In fact we have a whole
collection of "scare films" listed in our on-line catalog. Just type in the
keywords "scare films" at our website at (

"Sex Education Films of the 40's"

Five short films include Dating Do's and Don'ts, USS-VD: The Ship of Shame,
and Know for Sure.

Item# Price
VHS: S02586 $34.95

"Classroom Scare Films, Vol. 4: Manners, Health & Safety Do's and Don'ts"

A collection of films aimed at turning good young girls and boys into proper
young ladies and men. Is it any wonder they didn't work? Includes Dating
Do's and Don'ts; Junior Prom; Getting Ready for School; Safety After School;
Safety to School; Traffic Safety and Going Steady. Approximately 120 mins.

Item# Price
VHS: S43190 $24.95

If you're interested in any of our titles or would like any additional
information please feel free to contact me at your convenience. Thanks.


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Hi, this is my first time sending a question and hope someone out there has

One of our Women's Studies instructors would like to purchase the above
"Betty Blue with Beatrice Dalle" (directed by Jean Jacques Beineix). She
is also
looking for shows like Queen for a Day and 1950's hygiene films: "Shy Guy,
Narcotics: Pit of Despair"; "Live and Learn", "Molly Grows Up" and "Dating
and Dont's".

This is a great way to share information. Thank you.

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