Re: new library ideas

Mark Richie (
Wed, 13 Jun 2001 09:56:14 -0700 (PDT)

I think a full time set of screens with CNN, weather channel et al is a
great idea. If you can design an alcove with an open archway so people
can see in to the seating area and monitors as they pass by, the bleed
over of sound can be controled by placing the speakers in the floor or
cieling and covering the walls with SONEX (tm) or similar sound
dampening material. Sonex comes in a variety of sheet sizes from 12 in
square to 4 ft by 4 ft, and a variety of thicknesses depending on what
sound frequency you want to control.

I saw a demo booth some years ago at a trade show and it was very weird
to go inside and look out a 6 x 8 opening to the noisy display floor and
hear almost nothing inside - the reverse was true also.

Sonex is commonly used in sound recording studios and can be seen in
the background of some sets of ST: Voyager.

We used it far a lot of years to control the whine of 6 16mm film
inspection machines.

An acoustical consultant can tell you what you will need - or even if
this is the right soultion.

Good luck with the building program!

Rhonda Rosen wrote:
> hi everyone,
> we are in the very beginning stages of planning our new library. I'm
> hoping you guys can help me with some ideas, suggestions - maybe things you
> wish you could have in your media areas if you were to begin again - maybe
> things that are on the cutting edge that you would suggest i plan for...
> also, we are looking seriously at using an automated retrieval system.
> If anyone is using one of these systems, can you tell me if you use it for
> media items? from what i gather temperature control may actually be better
> where they are housed in the ARS than in many of our library areas, but i'm
> wondering if they really would be okay...
> another question - we were thinking of having an area where we would have a
> large screen monitor with 24 hour news playback or satellite programming
> -but sound concern is a problem -can't have it blasting in the library, yet
> i would want it where people can wander by, sit down on couches maybe and
> watch...any ideas on this?
> ok, anyone have any great ideas?
> thanks-
> rhonda