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Hi Kim,

I've listed below some titles that you might be interested in that Facets
carries. Please let me know if you would like any additional information.

"The Black Americans of Achievement: Sojourner Truth"

This collection studies the sacrifices and achievements of 20th century
American heroes, including Booker T. Washington, Colin Powell, Martin Luther
King Jr., Jackie Robinson, and Malcolm X. "Excellent archival footage and
photographs, interviews with historians and family members… paint a lively
portrait of the subject and their achievements" (Video Librarian). 30 mins.

Item# Price
VHS: S17393 $39.95

"Sojourner Truth"

In this powerful one-woman show, author and actress Paulene Myers portrays
Sojourner Truth, who was born a slave and became an abolitionist and
pioneering feminist. The play includes Sojourner's historic speech Aren't I
a Woman? (delivered to a women's rights convention), her travels to
Washington to meet President Lincoln, and her legal campaign against train
segregation. 1966, 27 mins.

Item# Price
VHS: S50364 $89.95

"Black Achievers Video Series - Everyday Battle: Fannie Lou Hamer"

Reports on the life of civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer, from her birth
in the Mississippi Delta to her unplanned thrust into national prominence in
the 1960s as a result of her life-risking convictions against an oppressive
system that denied blacks basic human rights. Congressman John Lewis and
others comment on the mark left by this woman of limited education, who was
alone and largely ignored by the media in the last years of her life. 30

Item# Price
VHS: S32740 $19.95

"Fannie Lou Hamer"

Born to a large, poor sharecropping family in Mississippi, Fannie Lou Hamer
refused to let poverty diminish her spirit and she went on to become a major
figure in the civil rights movement. This video summarizes her many
accomplishments, including her pivotal part in the organization of the
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. 30 mins.

Item# Price
VHS: S49747 $49.95

"Black Panthers: Huey Newton"

A film documentary of the "Free Huey Newton" rally in California, with the
speakers including Eldridge Cleaver, James Foreman, Bobby Seale, H. Rap
Brown, Stokely Carmichael, and Bob Avakian. Includes the short Black Panther
Newsreel, featuring interviews with Huey Newton in the Alameda County Jail.
1968, 53 mins.

Item# Price
VHS: S03358 $39.95

"Malcolm X (Biography)"

He was the angry voice of a people kept silent for centuries. But at the
height of his power, Malcolm X's outspoken independence led to his
assassination. An A & E Biography. 50 mins.

Item# Price
VHS: S30119 $19.95

"Joe Louis"

A challenging glimpse of the "Brown Bomber" who became the youngest
heavyweight champ at the age of 23, including Louis' KO of Max Schmeling. 24

Item# Price
VHS: S06422 $14.98

"Joe Louis--For All Time"

A documentary with plenty of punch that doesn't duck and weave when it comes
to the less attractive parts of the life of The Brown Bomber. The legendary
heavyweight boxing champ, who was born Joseph Louis Barrow, successfully
defended his title 25 times. He was also the victim of cocaine, racism and
the I.R.S. Color and B&W.

Item# Price
VHS: S08118 $29.95


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Hello all:

A faculty member would like to order videos for the following historical
figures for a new class entitled: "21st Century Black Icons". Our
collection has a number of the titles he has requested, but I am looking
for video recommendations on the following men and women:

Sojourner Truth
Fannie Lou Hamer
Stokely Carmichael
Malcolm X (within the last five years)
Joe Louis

I have identified a few so far, but would like your insight as well.

Thanks, and if you are attending ALA, have a safe trip!


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