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Philip Alan Hallman (
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 14:42:33 -0700 (PDT)


I believe you are looking for the film "Social Life of Small Urban

Here is the description:This witty and original film is about the open
spaces of cities and why some of them work for people while others don't.
Beginning at New York's Seagram Plaza, one of the most used open areas in
the city, the film proceeds to analyze why this space is so popular and
how other urban oases, both in New York and elsewhere, measure up. Based
on direct observation of what people actually do, the film presents a
remarkably engaging and informative tour of the urban landscape and looks
at how it can be made more hospitable to those who live in it.

Running time: 58 min

It is available for purchase from Direct Cinema for $95.00.

Their phone is 310/636-8200 or

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On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Eileen Simmons wrote:

> Hi,
> Twenty+ years ago I saw a documentary on television (PBS I think). The
> subject was public spaces, and I think specifically urban public spaces, and
> what makes them inviting to people. William Whyte may have been involved in
> this. Now my boss would like to me try to track this down. Does this
> description ring a bell? If you have any information (title,
> distributor...), I'd be very grateful.
> Eileen Simmons
> Everett Public Library
> Everett, WA