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Fri, 8 Jun 2001 10:09:24 -0700 (PDT)

Are you aware of the TEACH Act (S.487)? This new bill was adopted by the
Senate Judiciary committee mid-May (the 17th I believe) and makes changes
to 110(2) and adds provisions to the Copyright Law that significantly
broaden the use of copyrighted intellectual property in a variety of
instructional settings including both synchronous and asynchronous distance
ed. Visit the Thomas website for the complete text of the bill.

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
Search by bill number (S.487) by word or phrase (e.g., Copyright) or

Marybeth Peters (U.S, Copyright Office), Ken Salomon (Dow Lohnes), and
Fritz Attaway(Motion Picture Assn) discussed this bill at our intellectual
property conference on May 7. It seems to me that it is a real plus for

Lisa Livingston

>Ditto to Gary . . . .
> Mark Richie
>Gary Handman wrote:
>> You're correct....
>> gary
>> At 02:48 PM 06/06/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>> >Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated . . .
>> >
>> >A faculty member from Education is interested in using media in his
>> >video conference course offered in the fall. He will be showing a number
>> >a videos that are currently in the Media Library's collection. He wants
>> >to know if he can broadcast the videos as part of his class.
>> >
>> >It is my understanding that Section 110(2) does not permit performance
>> >of dramatic or audiovisual works as a part of a transmission. Do others
>> >have a different interpretation?
>> >
>> >One alternative is to have additional video copies placed at each site
>> >for the students to see.
>> >
>> >How are others handling use of media in videoconference or web-based
>> >instruction?
>> >
>> >Thank you!
>> >
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