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Hi Amy,

Facets has all of the films listed (except for "Heart of Britain" and
"Coastal Command") on various compilation videos that we carry. All videos
are in stock and ready to ship immediately. Please see descriptions below.

"Listen to Britain"

Four great poetic documentaries by Humphrey Jennings, all set during World
War II by this great English filmmaker: Listen to Britain, The True Story of
Lili Marlene, A Diary for Timothy and The Cumberland Story.

VHS Item#: S02953
Price: $79.95

Humphrey Jennings Great Britain 1942-47 120

"Wartime Moments"

Three remarkable documentaries from the British Documentary Movement are
presented in this volume, highlighting the work of Humphrey Jennings. Listen
to Britain (1942) chronicles daily life during the war. Harry Watt's Target
for Tonight (1941) details the precision of a RAF bombing raid on a German
depot. Jennings's masterpiece A Diary for Timothy (1945), written by E.M.
Forster, follows a child's first three months juxtaposed against the massive
reconstruction and rebuilding of a physically devastated landscape.

VHS Item#: S17418
Price: $29.95

"Wartime Homefront"

The major British documentarian was Humphrey Jennings. This program of the
British Documentary Movement contains Jennings's finest works, the brilliant
London Can Take It, about the individual heroism, valor and sacrifice during
the Blitz. The other program is Fires Were Started, Jennings's documentary
about the Auxiliary Fire Service during 1940/41 German onslaught.

VHS Item#: S17416
Price: $29.95

Humphrey Jenning Great Britain 1940-41

"Desert Victory"

This historic documentary offers a dramatic account of the Allied Forces'
victory over Rommel's troops in North Africa. Directed by British filmmaking
veteran Roy Boulting, with footage taken by members of the Army Film and
Photographic Unit as well as captured German film, this much honored film is
a remarkable document of one of the turning points of World War II. The
filming was done under the most severe battle conditions--four cameramen
were killed, six were wounded and seven were captured. The esteemed artist
and critic Manny Farber called Desert Victory "…that rare thing, a perfect
movie." The film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature of 1943.
Also included is Cameramen at War (1943), a 15-minute celebration of the
achievements of battlefield photographers, compiled by pioneering animator
Len Lye. Footage taken from Dunkirk to Ethiopia is combined with glimpses of
the cameramen who risked life and limb to capture these images of war.

VHS Item#: S04479
Price: $19.95

Roy Boulting Great Britain 1943 62 mins.

If you have any questions regarding this message or would like to place an
order for this title please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


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Does anyone know of a North American distributor for WWII British
propaganda films?

The titles I am looking for were produced by the Crown Film Unit, formally
a division of the Post Office, (!) in the United Kingdom.

I have found out where I can purchase them in the UK, but would prefer a
North American distributor, and of course, one who can offer me PPR.

This is going to be a great course if I can get my hands on this stuff!

The titles are as follows:
The Heart of Britain (1941)
Listen to Britain (1942)
A Diary for Timothy (1956)
Fires were Started (1943)
Desert Victory (1942)
Target for Tonight (1941)
Coastal Command (1942)

Many Thanks in advance for ANY leads.