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<< Hi
Sorry for the previous blank message. I pressed the wrong button.
However, I am looking for some silent films in video and I havn't had
any luck. The titles are "Energetic Eva" 1916 and "The Wild Girl" 1917.
One of the principal actresses in each film was Eva Tanguay. I looked in
various Video source directories for educational and feature films and
catalogs from Facets to Kino along with Worldcat and Amazon .com with no
luck. Does anyone have any ideas or sources? Please post to the list.

Dave Ofiara >>

Dear Dave,
Jessica is right. They're highly unlikely to be out on video. However, we do
have a friend, Jon Mirsalis, who is an "amateur" film historian who knows
more about silent films in the archives than just about anybody. His email
address is

If you want to try the archive route, Jon is wonderful with this kind of info.

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video