Re: Pricing by Type or Size of institution?

stephen O'Riordan (
Thu, 24 May 2001 09:40:37 -0700 (PDT)


Without getting detailed & certainly using a large brush - Size of
institution does not = size of media budget. Now at UCSD (where science
journals are always an issue ) if I were a science librarian my budget
would be considered substantial, as a media librarian my budget is
not. For example, as much as I admire First Run /Icrus Film's titles I
can never buy as much of it as I would like.


At 12:03 PM 5/23/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Videolib Pundits:
> From time to time I have noticed critical comments on this list about
> tiered pricing structures by which some distributors charge universities
> and colleges more than public libraries or high schools.
>Coming from a company that generally does NOT do this (though I often
>think about it) I am curious how you all view price structures such as
>those of many electronic journals and databases, please see for instance:
>which have quite elaborate price structures, not only based on TYPE of
>institution, but also for SIZE, and/or number of users.
>As video moves towards just another digital asset, won't, and why
>shouldn't, the pricing models change accordingly?
>Should we not start discussing what differential pricing structures (or
>ratios) make the most sense, both in respect to selling (licensing)
>individual video tapes in the first instance, and in respect to the
>license fees or payments for a digital copy of those tapes?
>Asked the other (retro) way round - if the differential structure makes
>sense for digital assets, why not also for analog (VHS) ones?
>I would certainly be eager to hear any comments on this from both media
>librarians and other distributors, taken from whichever angle you want to
>come at it from. I'm sure it would be helpful for me, pondering the
>digital future of what started as a film distribution company, and how our
>pricing model relates to it, and maybe it would be helpful (or at least
>interesting) for others out there too?
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