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Here's what Facets has to offer as far as Henry James adaptations. Complete
descriptions for each of the titles listed below are available at Facets
website at ( Just type in "Henry James" in the keyword

"The Bostonians" James Ivory 1984
VHS $19.95 DVD $24.98

"Daisy Miller" Peter Bogdanovich 1974
VHS $14.95

"The Europeans" James Ivory 1979
VHS $19.95

"The Golden Bowl" James Cellan Jones 1972
VHS $59.95

"The Heiress" William Wyler 1949
VHS $14.95

"In the Shadows" Meg Richman 1998
VHS $94.98 DVD $24.99

"The Innocents" Jack Clayton 1961
VHS $19.95

"Jolly Corner" Arthur Barron 1977
VHS $24.95

"The Lost Moment" Martin Gabel 1947
VHS $19.98

"Portrait of a Lady" James Cellan Jones 1968
VHS $34.98

"Portrait of a Lady" Jane Campion 1996
VHS $19.95 DVD $29.95

"The Turn of the Screw" Graeme Clifford 1989

"The Turn of the Screw" (Masterpiece Theatre) Ben Bolt 1999
VHS $19.98

"Washington Square" Agnieszka Holland 1997
VHS $19.95

"The Wings of the Dove" Iain Softley 1997
VHS $19.95 DVD $29.99

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additional information please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
Thank you.


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Hi Everyone,
I sure would appreciate help in locating video titles on American Author
Henry James. The professor is particularly interested in his short novel,
Daisy Miller. Thanks in advance.