Re: Those "donut" labels

John Holland (
Tue, 22 May 2001 11:46:30 -0700 (PDT)

We use the same labels. It seems to vary from disc to disc as to how much
space they give you before moving into the playable surface, but in my
experience the label is not so much larger than the clear area that it
makes any difference, assuming the label was put on straight (and if not,
good luck in peeling it off!). We have had no complaints from patrons
about them, and I have played several myself with no difficulty. Obviously
it doesn't matter a whole lot on the single sided discs, but if you put it
on carefully on the two sided ones, it should be ok.

Mary Dexter wrote:

> We recently purchased from Specialty Store Services those little donut
> "security" labels (actually just identifiers) that go around the inner
> ring of a DVD or CD. Upon trying them out, they appear to be a little
> larger than the actual inner ring of a DVD. Does anyone know if this
> will interfere with the playing of a double-sided DVD? Any feedback
> would be appreciated. Thank you.
> Mary Dexter
> Arapahoe Library District
> Littleton, Colorado

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