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We use Swank Films (they do NOT trade in porno like their name implies!) and
Criterion. and The PPR are built in to the
films we show. First run are most expensive. I'm doing a film noir series
in the fall and those films are running between $150-300. Hope this helps,

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My understanding is that the umbrella license is ludicrously expensive for
the scale of exhibition you're contemplating. Might be easier and cheaper
to rent tape or 16mm from a distributor with PPR built into the rental
price. Classic fims are usually $150-$250 from them. Sorry, distributor
names are escaping me for the moment....


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>> Dear all,
>> After looking through the archives, I'm a little puzzled about that MPLC
>> (?), from which you can obtain ppr for a year, say, for all the films
>> going to show once.
>> Here's the deal: our library wants to show a movie a month during our
>> centennial year. At this point, I think we're doing one showing per
>> I had thought we needed ppr for each film, but maybe we could just do one
>> payment to this corporation or organization---can't recall the name and
>> notes are somewhere else--that would be *so* much easier. Can it be
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