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Gary Handman (
Mon, 14 May 2001 10:54:45 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Barb:

For documentary and performance stuff, you might have a quick look at
Berkeley's Music video page:
(if you need distributors, email me)

Better Living thru Circuitry is a strange documentary about raves and other
stuff as well...

As far as movies go, consider:

Kurt and Courtney (grunge!)
Sid and Nancy (punk!)
Groove (about raves)
High Fidelity (about music, sorta)
This is Spinal Tap (heavy metal)
Human Traffic
Almost Famous (about the 70's, but what the hell...)
Half Japanese

>Here's something for you to brainstorm about:
>I have a professor putting together a syllabus for a "History of Rock 'n
>Roll" class. We have documentaries covered, but she also wants to make use
>of feature films. They can about specific musicians, about the music
>industry, or simply where rock music is an important part of the movie.
>She said she's especially having problems coming up with ideas for films
>(documentary or feature) dealing with the 90s. Grunge, alternative, etc.
>(But just checked out the two series by PBS and Time Warner for previewing...)
>Anyway, here are the film titles I've come up with so far:
>The Rose
>La Bamba
>Buddy Holly Story
>That thing you do
>Yellow Submarine
>Elvis movies
>Almost famous
>Spinal Tap
>Saturday Night Fever
>Back to the Future (dance scene "Johnny be good")
>Pink Floyd's The Wall
>Thanks in advance,

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