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Dear Katherine,

Facets Multimedia carries "The Atom & Eve" as well as "The Strange Case of
the Cosmic Rays" (another title that you might find interesting). I've
listed descriptions and price information below. If you'd like more
information please feel
free to contact me at your convenience.


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"The Atom and Eve"

Produced in 1965 by a consortium of utility companies to promote electricity
use and nuclear power, this blend of male chauvinism and conspicuous
consumption now provokes both outrage and uproarious laughter as the film
follows a scantily-clad housewife through her all-electric day. Proven
popular with women's and anti-nuclear groups, as well as in classes where
the nuclear propaganda battle is a subject. 15 mins.

Item# VHS: S31102
Price: $24.95

"Bell Science Series: The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays"

The mysteries of the universe are revealed in this fun and fact-filled
galactic thriller. Elements of the atom, powerful particles and radiation
research are presented in a simple and easily understood format. Puppetry by
Bill & Cora's Marionettes. Animation by Shamus Culhane. Directed by Frank
Capra. 55 mins.

Item# VHS: S14227
Price: $9.95

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Does anyone know where to locate the title "Atom & Eve" or have any ideas
for films promoting the use of nuclear energy (in a 50's kind of way)?

Thanks loads.

Katherine Baer
Broadcast Librarian
National Public Radio