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Barb Bergman (
Thu, 10 May 2001 12:44:37 -0700 (PDT)

How did you you get hold of the job ad already? <grin>
I wish I was joking, but unfortunately the _salary_ offerred for the
electronic services position will most likely be entry level in spite of
the need for experience.

At 12:18 PM 5/10/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Greetings earthlings:
> This job title is starting to appear in public library service as well.
>I believe it is a good idea if only to cut down on the duplication of
>effort either between departments and branches, or in overlap of content
>in competing on-line reference service contracts. Entry level makes no
>sense to me because the nature of the position should require some field
>knowledge of user needs and electronic services options.
> Combining funtional responsibilities is just a fact of life - the
>question is which area will get the short end of the stick. I know
>librarians in public libraries who "supervise" the non-mediamobile
>(bookmobile), children's services and non-media by mail programs at the
>same time. So combining electronic services with media/av services is
>not a big leap.
> I'm a little amazed that as the need for this kind of position is
>recognized, the powers-that-be even consider a librarian for the
>position (job title not withstanding). They could ignore the content
>issue (thanks Gary) and treat it purely as a spin-off of IT
>responsibility and contract purchasing. Of course then they would
>actually have to spend some real money for the position since a CNE
>beats an MLS for entry level pay every time.
>Instead they will advertise:
> MLS librarian with 3-5 years of experience in on-line & electronic
>reference services management, working knowledge of network
>architectures, HTML and Java scripting. Experience in user needs
>assessment and evaluation of electronic content. Demonstrated increasing
>levels of job responsibility. A complete functional knowledge of
>electronic resources contracts and purchasing requirements. The ability
>to interface productively with vendors, supervisors and line personnel,
>prepare contracts, install database management systems at the server
>level, edit FORTRAN and C++, and be available to cover reference
>services every other weekend and one night a week. Salary: Entry Level
>- Non-Tenured
> Just my opinion, of course I could be wrong.
>Barb Bergman wrote:
>> A colleague not on Videolib asked me to query you experts. This question is
>> part practical & part theoretical:
>> Have you seen or heard about libraries blending together media/AV duties
>> with the newly emerging position of "electronic services librarian" (i.e.
>> database guru) at academic libraries?
>> What do you see as the feasibility of doing so? What are the pros & cons?
>> (i.e. why you think it's a bad idea or why it might be a good one.)
>> Background information: their media librarian position needs to be filled,
>> but the library also needs to add an electronic services position. The
>> administration is unlikely to provide funding for a new position plus two
>> job searches. They would prefer to hire both, but one of the brainstorming
>> suggestions was to essentially advertise "Wanted: Electronic Services
>> librarian with experience/interest in AV media. Salary: entry level."
>> Thanks as always for your knowledge and opinions,
>> Barb
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