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Good Afternoon all:

As a former media librarian and now the Electronic Resources and Scholarly
Communications librarian for Penn State, I think I'll chime in here. Penn
State has not combined these two positions, as they never had a media
librarian position per se. But, I think some of the talents that media
librarians bring to these newly-evolving positions are a strong knowledge
of copyright and an ability to work with information in a variety of
formats. Media Librarians also have experience working with a variety of
people in all disciplines, which is also necessary for electronic resources
librarians, as these responsibilities cross over all subject areas. I
agree with Gary that it would be unfortunate to lump these two types of
positions together based solely on the "electronic" part of the
positions. In a job description analysis I am conducting for electronic
resources positions over the past five years, I have yet to see these
positions combined, at least not in positions advertised for academic


At 11:25 AM 5/10/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I know you didn't mean to offend anyone, but I can site several examples of
>former media librarians who are now "electronic services" librarians . . .
>so people do exist with dual expertise. And they know their "content" in
>both arenas.
>Sharon Herfurth
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>The only connection--pardon the pun--between "electronic services" and
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