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Thu, 10 May 2001 10:48:54 -0700 (PDT)

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I would want to consider the size of the student body as well as the level of
development for both media and electronic services. If any one of those areas
is in need of major development, this might not be your best plan. Also, you
might consider that an entry level hire may not have the experience/ expertise
to handle both areas. Since you are saving a salary, it might be good seek
someone above entry level.

Have you considered combining reference/public services and electronic
services? to me, that seems to be a workable combination. Electronic resources
are often located in the public services area.

Barb Bergman wrote:

> A colleague not on Videolib asked me to query you experts. This question is
> part practical & part theoretical:
> Have you seen or heard about libraries blending together media/AV duties
> with the newly emerging position of "electronic services librarian" (i.e.
> database guru) at academic libraries?
> What do you see as the feasibility of doing so? What are the pros & cons?
> (i.e. why you think it's a bad idea or why it might be a good one.)
> Background information: their media librarian position needs to be filled,
> but the library also needs to add an electronic services position. The
> administration is unlikely to provide funding for a new position plus two
> job searches. They would prefer to hire both, but one of the brainstorming
> suggestions was to essentially advertise "Wanted: Electronic Services
> librarian with experience/interest in AV media. Salary: entry level."
> Thanks as always for your knowledge and opinions,
> Barb
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