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<< Hi!
I'm new to the list and I'm new to video librarianship. Does any one have
suggestions for foreign film review sources? For that matter, I'd like to
hear your suggestions for review sources overall (i.e. mainstream and
alternative, print and online). >>

Dear Suzanne,
My suggestions, in order of preference, for librarians:
1) Video Librarian
2) Video Business (a free weekly for the industry, but tremendous
3) Library Journal (though not great on silent films--their reviewer isn't my
4) Cineaste (extremely valuable since it's the only magazine to consider the
politics and messages of movies beyond whether a director is hip or hot --
and it's quite readable.)
5) Entertainment Weekly (yes, seriously -- they are one of the few mass mags
to cover foreign films and they do it well.)
6) Film Comment
7) Variety (the most balanced reviews)
8) Cinemaya (for Asian films--one of my favorite mags.)

There is also which allows you to access past reviews
for any film. Nitrate Online is a good website with great reviewers, as is

I would also make sure you're on the mailing lists of all the companies like
us, Facets, Kino, New Yorker, Zeitgeist, Women Make Movies, Direct Cinema, et
cetera, to know what is available.

For additional magazines, I would suggest Film Quarterly, Sight & Sound and
Box Office.

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