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Wed, 2 May 2001 13:05:14 -0700 (PDT)

My particular interest is digital video in a networked environment, so I
hope I don't digress too much. The rules for digital video licensing don't
seem to exist yet, but licensing will likely play a signicant role.

Because the rules don't exist there is an opportunity for librarians to
help create a such a license. Librarians have helped create the license
terms for other resources in the form of electronic journals, e-books, and
digital images. The outcomes have been favorable for libraries and
library patrons, and librarians appear to be resolute about not opting to
purchase electronic resources with unfavorable license terms.

I don't want to pretend that an individual can haggle with ABC over the
license terms for a videotape. But as video delivery models change and
licensing evolves with those models we should understand the licensing
concepts and lobby for our interests.

Charly Bauer

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.Possibly, but in my experience licensing of videos does NOTHING but
obfuscate fair use or nullify it
altogether. Any contractual stipulation that limits the right to use
materials in face-to-face teaching or in other valid educational contexts
isn't doing librarians and their clients ANY favors--ever. The licensing
of video is almost always an either or proposition: either you buy in OR you
buy and infringe OR you don't buy at all... I've never experienced an
occasion when license rights for video were negotiable.

Gary Handman