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Hi folks,

I know that licensing exists in the electronic age, but it confounds me how
we librarians ever let it happen. You don't see us licensing books (God
forbid)! Licensing seems like a clever means of circumventing fair use.
It's legal, but how did we allow publishers to ever create this legal
loophole to fair use? Why did we ever agree to license instead of purchase?
My question may be naive, but I would appreciate your thoughts.



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True about fair use Stan, but a license is a different thing altogether. A
vendor can stipulate any damn thing it wants with a license, and if you
agree to the terms (by purchasing the work), you agree to the terms. Fair
use has nothing to do with such arrangements.

gary handman

At 11:26 AM 05/01/2001 -0700, you wrote:

>I am sure that what they told you is bogus.
>The fair use guidelines clearly permit face-to face classroom use of any
>legally acquired video, and
>I believe the major networks were participants in drawing up to the
>Kastenmeier guidelines.
>I would not sign any agreement that prohibited the desired usage.
> Brigid
> Duffy
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>Dear VideoLib,
>Just to let you know; we bought a Nightline segment from
>and got the site license agreement mentioned in previous e-mails (good for
>2 years, $25 renewal). I called on this; their customer service department
>1) they will call customers on this
>2) any showing outside the home requires this license (even face-to-face
>classroom instruction)
>3) non-news shows may not require this license, but because it's a news
>show, they can require it.
>4) if you don't choose to pay the $25, the tape is supposed to sit on your
>shelf unused.
>Seeing as I can buy the same show from Films for the Humanities and
>Sciences, I wonder if it's worth the fuss...
>Brigid Duffy
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