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At the risk of stating the obvious (I may have missed something in the
discussion), but shouldn't the "Institutional Customers" pricing cover most
standard academic uses? Or are folks hoping to be able to use fair use to
justify purchasing materials at home video prices (which, btw, ABC does not
allow)? I must say I've never quite understood why some distributors require
that libraries buy at the institutional rate (even if you don't want public
performance rights, which I don't think are included with the ABC tapes) and
others don't.

>From the abcnewsstore site:
"Videos purchased for institutional use receive a site license with each
video which allows the video to be distributed within your organization and
to be shown to a group of employees, potential business customers, parents,
or students for no admission charge."

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I am sure that what they told you is bogus.
The fair use guidelines clearly permit face-to face classroom use of any
legally acquired video, and
I believe the major networks were participants in drawing up to the
Kastenmeier guidelines.

I would not sign any agreement that prohibited the desired usage.

Brigid Duffy
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Dear VideoLib,

Just to let you know; we bought a Nightline segment from
and got the site license agreement mentioned in previous e-mails (good for
2 years, $25 renewal). I called on this; their customer service department

1) they will call customers on this

2) any showing outside the home requires this license (even face-to-face
classroom instruction)

3) non-news shows may not require this license, but because it's a news
show, they can require it.

4) if you don't choose to pay the $25, the tape is supposed to sit on your
shelf unused.

Seeing as I can buy the same show from Films for the Humanities and
Sciences, I wonder if it's worth the fuss...

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